Who doesn’t like travelling and exploring new places? But there are some people who are passionate about travelling, travelling is their peace, and they can’t stick to one place for more time. Yes, I am talking about travel vloggers. YouTube is a platform where people like to share their daily life routines with the audience and the audience also likes watching these kinds of videos. There are many travel vloggers on YouTube who travel to different places and give a review of how the place is, but finding the best one of them who gives honest reviews and makes exciting videos, is difficult.

We have found the best travel vloggers on YouTube worldwide, and we have given a list of the “Top 9 Best Travel Vloggers on YouTube” in this blog. So, keep up with us and explore the world’s glory with the best Top 9 Travel Vloggers on YouTube. We’ll also attach the link to the YouTube channel so you can easily visit it from the website itself. So, without wasting more time let’s dig in!

So now let’s head towards the list of the “Top 9 Best Travel Vloggers On YouTube”, also read, Top 10 YouTube Channels For Hindi Movie and Top 8 Free Movie Streaming Websites.

Top 9 Best Travel Vloggers On YouTube

So, this is a list of the top 9 Best Travel Vloggers on YouTube.

1. Fun For Louis
2. Drew Binsky
3. Flying the Nest
4. The Bucket List Family
5. Eva Zu Beck
6. The Cottage Fairy
7. Fearless and Far
8. Ronnie and Barty
9. Nomadic Indian

Now let’s know about all of them in detail.

Brief Introduction of the Top 9 Best Travel Vloggers On YouTube

1. Fun For Louis (1.98 Million Subscribers).

Fun For Louis YouTube Channel

Louis Cole the owner of this channel is a daily vlogger who uploads videos of travelling to adventurous places all across the world. He gives a message of living a fearless life to his audience. Firstly, he used to run a channel named Food For Louis, in which he used to try eating weird and new things, but now he shares travel and daily life-related videos on his channel.

He has around 1.98 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, and he uploads crazy videos on his channel. Visit his channel to watch the Travel videos that will give you GooseBumps! The link is given below.

Official Channel Link :- Fun For Louis YouTube Channel

2. Drew Binsky (3.77 Million Subscribers)

Drew Binsky YouTube Channel

If you want to travel the whole world virtually sitting at your home, I recommend you to subscribe to his channel. Drew Binksy is a travel vlogger who has been through each country of the world, he has experienced the lifestyle of each country and he shares it with his audience too. Drew Binksy holds the Guinness World Record for packing a suitcase in the fastest time.

In 2021 he held the record of the most UNESCO Site Heritage Visits in 24 hours, in which he covered around 12 sites. So, go and check out his YouTube Channel to explore some unknown things that exist in this world, and get a chance to know about each country of this world with Drew Binsky.

Official Channel Link :- Drew Binsky

3. Flying the Nest (1.24 Million)

Flying the Nest YouTube Channel

Flying The Nest is a channel runned by a couple who travels the whole world with their two little children. They also share their daily life experiences with the audience like, how they manage traveling with their two children and many more. So, you will get to learn many things if you follow them, and obviously, you can learn about new travel places in the world. So, visit this channel and enjoy watching their travel vlogs with the help of the link given below. 

Official Channel Link :- Flying the Nest

4. The Bucket List Family (1.44 Million Subscribers)

The Bucket List Family YouTube Channel

The Bucket List Family is a family of 5 people who sold everything and left their home to go on adventures all around the world. Their videos set an example of how a united family can handle each obstacle in life easily. They travel all around the world and try new things, and do new adventures everywhere they go.

So, you should once visit this channel to see how they manage and enjoy traveling with their family, and learn about their experiences at different places. Visit their channel with the help of the link given below.

Official Channel Link :- The Bucket List Family

5. Eva Zu Beck (1.63 Million Subscribers)

Eva Zu Beck YouTube Channel

Eva Zu Beck is one of the best travel vloggers on YouTube. She has travelled in around 60 countries including Pakistan, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, and many more. She has experienced many things in her life like she hosted TRT World Show back in the time and many more. She often travels alone, and her YouTube videos inspire a lot of girls out there. So, go and visit her YouTube Channel to know about how she travels, and know about the countries and places she has visited to date. Just click the link below, and you’ll be able to see her channel.

Official Channel Link :- Eva Zu Beck

6. The Cottage Fairy (1.34 Million Subscribers)

The Cottage Fairy YouTube Channel

The Cottage Fairy is a YouTube Travel Channel runned by a girl whose name is Paola Merrill. She describes the glory of beautiful cottage areas and villages all across the world on her channels. You will get to see some exceptional beauties that exist in our surroundings but we are unaware of it. That’s why she comes to the list of the best travel vloggers on YouTube. So, go and visit her channel to see the beauty of different cottages and villages we don’t know about. The link is mentioned below.

Official Channel Link :- The Cottage Fairy

7. Fearless and Far (1.78 Million Subscribers)

Fearless and Far YouTube Channel

Mike Corey the owner of this channel is one the strongest travel vloggers on YouTube. The purpose of this channel “Fearless and Far” is to encourage people to turn their wildest dreams into reality without getting afraid of anything. All his videos are breathtaking, and only watching them can give you goosebumps.

He tells people to be fearless so that they can travel the whole world and do new experiences and adventures to live an exciting and memorable life. So, go and visit the fearless and far channel to experience wild things Mike has done while travelling.

Official Channel Link :- Fearless and Far

8. Ronnie and Barty

Ronnie and Barty YouTube Channel

Ronnie and Barty are couples whose names are Rohan and Bharti. They both make travel blogs of places located near Manali that people are unaware of. They also upload music videos related to the beauty of the Himalayas. Both of them are very passionate about travelling, and their video is a treat to the eyes. So, go and experience the beauty of the Himalayas virtually on their channel with the help of the link given below, and I’m sure you guys will be overwhelmed with its beauty.

Official Channel Link :- Ronnie and Barty

9. Nomadic Indian (1.62 Million Subscribers)

Nomadic Indian YouTube Channel

Nomadic Indian is a travel YouTube Channel owned by Deepanshu Sangwan, one of the best travel vloggers on YouTube from India. He has visited around 25 countries till now. His videos are funny, interesting, and knowledgeable, he said that he dropped his studies to become a traveler and this is the first time he is trusting his GUTS. So, go and watch his travel videos to explore new things about different countries, and how you can survive over there. Visit the channel with the help of the link given below to know more about Deepanshu Sangwan.

Official Channel Link :- Nomadic Indian


So, this was a blog on the topic Top 9 Best Travel Vloggers on YouTube You Should Know About. I hope you guys enjoyed reading about all these people, and do visit their YouTube channels to know more about the. For more such blogs related to YouTube, and to watch the trending videos of all the countries daily, stay in touch with the YTTrendz website.

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