A YouTube Channel URL is something that is not easy to remember or recall and it does not attract people anymore. But what if you have a URL of your own choice? Yes, you got me right. It is possible to have a Customized YouTube Channel URL of your own choice and if you want you can change it too.

So without wasting more time let’s quickly jump towards the steps of changing your YouTube Channel URL.

Check if You Are Eligible to Change the URL or Not.

Eligible to Change YouTube Channel URL

To change your YouTube channel’s URL you have to fulfill some basic conditions listed by YouTube. The following conditions will make you eligible to change your YouTube channel’s URL:

  • Your channel should have 100 or 100+ subscribers.
  • Your channel should at least be one month old.
  • You should upload a profile picture on your channel.
  • It should have a banner image.

If you fulfill all these conditions you will be considered eligible to change your YouTube channel’s URL.

Basic Steps to Change Your Youtube Channel URL

Using Desktop

So let’s have a quick look at the steps for changing the YouTube channel’s URL using the desktop.

Step 1: Click on your profile icon at the top right side. Here you need to find the “YouTube Studio” option and click on it.

Go to YouTube Studio

Step 2: When you are successfully redirected to your YouTube Studio, go to “Customization”.

Go to Customization

Step 3: Here at the channel customization go to the “Basic Info”.

Go to Basic Info

Step 4: In the Basic Info tab below you can find the “Set Custom URL” option. But it can be no longer in use.

Set Custom URL option

Step 5: So look at the very beginning of the page you can find the “Handle” option.

Handle option

Step 6: Now set your custom handle and check the green tick mark, if you get the green tick mark then you are allowed to use your custom handle, so now you can publish the change.

Set your custom handle

Using Mobile Devices

If you want to use the mobile for the YouTUbe channel’s URL customization, then you must have installed the YouTube Studio mobile app on your device.

Go to your YouTube Studio app, in the dashboard you can see one small profile icon at the top right.

Go to your YouTube Studio app

After clicking on the profile icon it will open a menu. Here you can find the “Edit channel profile” option click on that.

YouTube Studio mobile menu

On the Edit channel profile page, you can see the “Handle” option. Now click on the “Edit icon” to update your custom URL.

Edit channel profile page

After clicking on the Edit icon you’ll be redirected to the Handel edit page.

Redirected to Handel edit page

Here on the Handel edit page you can set your custom handle and save the changes.

Handel edit page

So these are the basic steps to follow if you want to change your URL according to your handle or any easy way. I hope this blog will help you. To read more blogs like this which can be helpful to you, you can visit our Website’s blog page.

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