The most widely used video-sharing website worldwide is YouTube, which has a fascinating history that started in early 2005.YouTube was founded by three former PayPal employees, Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim, in a small San Mateo, California office. YouTube has an emerging platform that is a remarkable transformation in sports content, changing how fans engage with their favorite players, teams, and events.

YTTrendz has the most authentic platform where you can watch all your favorite and trending sports videos for free from anywhere, anytime. Before We move ahead to see the top YouTube sports channels, let’s discuss what sports are and why they are essential in our life.

What is Sports

Sports are physical activities or games involving individuals, persons, or teams competing against each other based on specific rules. Sports require many skills to play games and physical and mental fitness to achieve goals through different strategies and planning. Sports are categorized into pre-level [learner], medium level, and last pro or professional level. Based on grades, players get more rewards and achievements.

Why Sports Are Importance in Our Life

There are so many advantages to playing sports. If you are going to play sports, some skills will automatically improve in your life, like leadership management, Teamwork, Discipline, Time management, and sportsmanship. All External skills will develop automatically, but some internal skills will develop, like mental fitness, focus, Empathy, Respect, and self-confidence. These are all skills developed by playing sports.

But if you know how to play sports games, then you will feel enjoyable; if you don’t know how to play them and what the rules and regulations are for playing games, then YTTrendz is the best website platform where you can easily watch youtube trending sports videos in india and all over the world and all other YouTube trending videos like games, movies, music and much more.

Benefits of Watch YouTube Sports Channels

Now We will discuss some benefits of watching incredible YouTube Sports Channels.

  • First, you will stay updated on real-time sports data on live telecasts of sports games.
  • You will know Expert analysis of various sports games.
  • You will know better YouTube channel information, like a wide range of particular sports information, including game highlights, analysis, player interviews, Behind-the-Scenes of the player dressing room, and updated scores.
  • You will know the information before starting the games. If you assume your interest in watching a cricket match, you will see the pitch report, Player vs. Player battle, Records of players, Weather report, ground reports, etc.
  • You will know about the player’s lifestyles, routines, and the fan base’s information.
  • You will stay updated with different sports news according to the sports channel.
  • You will inspire by watching your favorite sports celebrity’s performance and lifestyle.

List of Top YouTube Sports Channels Worldwide

Here you can see the top YouTube sports channels for games like football, cricket, Basketball, tennis, and Badminton and if you want to watch Top 10 International Sports News Channels On YouTube then click here.

Top Football YouTube Channel


FIFA youtube sports channel

FIFA channel is the top Watched youtube sports channel for football games. It provides FIFA world cup Match highlights, celebrates moments, and celebrates famous goals scored by the most significant players and exclusive interviews with football stars. FIFA channel joined youtube on September 6, 2006. Additionally, channels also provide behind-the-scenes coverage of FIFA events and tournaments. The FIFA channel is the one-stop destination for all football sports videos.

Here you can watch the most popular video on the FIFA channel.

2. Barcelona

FC Barcelona


FC Barcelona is the first sports team in the world to reach 15 million subscribers on youtube. This Sports channel provides football highlights, player interviews, and inside dressing room vlogs and offers live football game shows. FC Barcelona channel joined YouTube on February 6, 2006. and if you are a football club fan, this channel is for you.

Here you can watch the most popular video on the FC Barcelona channel.

Top Cricket YouTube Channel

1. ICC Sport Channel

ICC youtube sports channel

This is the official ICC YouTube Sports channel. ICC channel provides a comprehensive range of cricket videos related to international cricket and governing body of international cricket. This channel will get exclusive match highlights, player interviews, match updates, stories, and Behind-the-Sense Footage. ICC channel joined YouTube on August 3, 2012. if you want to know international cricket updates, this channel is for you.

Here you can watch the most popular video on the ICC channel.

2. ESPNcricinfo


This YouTube Sports Channel is the biggest fan club of cricket fans on this earth, and this channel provides the latest international cricket videos in all countries and cricket match highlights, best shorts videos, and top moments of the game. ESPNcric info channel joined YouTube on December 23, 2009. if you are searching for the latest cricket news updates, this channel is for you.

Here you can watch the most popular video on ESPNcricinfo channel.

Top Basketball YouTube Channel

1. NBA Sport Channel

NBA youtube sport channel

This YouTube sports channel is the premier professional basketball league in the United States and Canada. This channel provides 215 countries and 47 languages basketball game videos. The live telecast of this NBA league game on Tv, Broadband, and mobile, and more related NBA videos like Game scores, highlights, and fan base are available on NBA apps and this channel. NBA channel joined YouTube on November 21, 2005. if you are a true basketball fan, this channel is for you.

Here you can watch the most popular video on the NBA channel.

2. House of Highlights

house of highlight

House of Highlights sports channel is the most innovative and dedicated sports channel regarding basketball videos. These channels provide unique, lucrative, and exhilarating moments of basketball games and offer different league, college basketball, and other international game highlights. House of Highlights track joined YouTube on January 24, 2018. this channel is for their die-hard basketball fans.

Here you can watch the most popular video on the House of Highlights channel.

Top Tennis YouTube Channel

1. Tennis TV

tennis tv

Tennis TV YouTube sports channel is the most advanced channel that provides tennis videos. These channels deliver comprehensive coverage of men’s professional tennis. For fans, keeping up with the ATP Tour’s most recent matches, highlights, and behind-the-scenes activities is crucial, but tennis tv provides all videos. Tennis TV channel joined youtube on January 12, 2006. If you are a big tennis fan, this channel is for you.

Here you can watch the most popular video on the Tennis TV channel.

2. WTA Sport Channel

WTA sport channel

WTA YouTube sports channel is The official channel of the Women’s Tennis Association. This channel provides match highlights, player interviews, and women’s professional tennis features. Promoting and elevating women’s presence and influence in the sport has been made possible by WTA. One of the WTA’s most significant accomplishments is its tenacious promotion of gender equality in sports. This channel joined YouTube on May 11, 2006.

Here you can watch the most popular video on the WTA channel.

Top Badminton YouTube Channel



BWF TV YouTube sports channel is the official YouTube channel of the Badminton World Federation. These channels deliver various badminton videos, including match highlights, player interviews, and tournament coverage of international badminton events. Where you can watch live, recorded, and delayed streaming of the critical events on our calendar, like the TOTAL BWF World Championships and the HSBC BWF World Tour; this channel joined YouTube on April 6, 2006. This channel is for you if you’re a Badminton fan.

Here you can watch the most popular video on the BWF TV channel.

2. Badminton Europe

Badminton Europe

Badminton Europe YouTube sports channel is the best channel for European badminton. This channel focuses on  European badminton competitions and offers news, match highlights, and player interviews from the European circuit. The Badminton Europe YouTube channel is a great place to catch up on all the latest Technical Analysis and Strategy Breakdowns of matches. This channel joined YouTube on September 15, 2010. This channel is for you if you’re a European badminton fan.

Here you can watch the most popular video on the Badminton Europe channel.


What are YouTube sports channels?

Youtube sports channels are online sports channels in youtube where you can watch your favorite sports videos and sports-related information like game highlights, player interviews, tutorials, and fun videos.

What types of sports content can I find on YouTube sports channels?

Live game streams, match highlights, behind-the-scenes footage, player interviews, analysis and breakdowns, skill-building tutorials, top plays compilations, sports news updates, and fan discussions are available on YouTube sports channels.

What are some popular YouTube sports channels?

Some famous YouTube sports channels cover a range of sports, including NBA (basketball), ICC (cricket), BWF TV (badminton), Tennis TV (tennis), and FIFA (football); these are all popular sports channels in their categories.

How do I find YouTube sports channels related to my favorite sport?

You can search directly on a YouTube basis on your favorite sports name keyword. Therefore, YouTube’s recommendation algorithm often suggests relevant channels based on your viewing history. If you want to see trending videos on YouTube, YTTrendz is the best platform to find your selected categories trending YouTube videos.