As we all use one basic video app in our daily life, named YouTube. YouTube is a platform where you can watch videos in multiple categories like Gaming, News, Sports, Music, Movie, and Science & Technology. But do you know which youtube trending videos you need to see? Do you want to know the top YouTube content creators? If not then don’t worry we are going to see it today in this article’s top 5 Indian YouTube content creators. So just keep up with me and know something new today.

Rising to the Top: A List of the Top 5 YouTubers in India (2023Updated)

1. Ajey Nagar (CarryMinati)


Who doesn’t know the famous YouTuber Carryminati? He is a famous YouTuber, entertainer, and singer, and also one of the biggest content creators in India. Whenever he puts a video on youtube, it becomes a YouTubebv trending video in just a single day. Even kids know who is the Carryminati, he plays lots of PC games, makes roasted videos, and sometimes he also sings a song. His songs are so heart-touching and encouraging.

Carryminati’s real name is Ajey Nagar, he was born on 12th June 1999, and he became famous with his roasting videos. His first Youtube channel is STeaLThFeArzZ but unfortunately, it couldn’t succeed on Youtube. Named was moved to Carrydeol, but again not so worthy, and renamed CarryMinati. His two songs Yalgaar and Vardan make their places in YouTube trending videos. Day by day he achieves new levels of success.

YouTube channel: CarryMinati.

YouTube channel link: Click to see.

Subscribers: 37.4 Million.

Most Viewed Videos

  • The ferocious rap song Yalgaar. CarryMinati
  • The ‘Film The Fare’ Video. CarryMinati
  • The roast on Bigg Boss 13. CarryMinati
  • The ‘Tik Tok Evolution’ Video
  • The ‘Bye Pewdiepie’ Video
  • The ‘No More Single’ Video
  • ‘Not A Daring Show’ Video
  • The ‘Pubg India’ Video
  • The ‘Heartbroken Kids Of Tik Tok’ Video
  • The ‘MSG’ Video

2. Total Gaming

total gaming

Ajay is a content creator on Youtube, he is a gamer and known as “Ajju Bhai” to gaming lovers. He was born in Ahmedabad in Gujarat. Ajay makes the place in biggest gaming YouTuber in India. He started his gaming career using his YouTube channel in 2018 and start making YouTube trending videos. Today he has 5 successful YouTube channels. His one YouTube trending channel Total Gaming is at the top. He has never revealed his face yet because he wants to leave a peaceful private life without being a celebrity. He played games like Clash of Clans and Garena Free Fire. His all-time YouTube trending videos come from Garena Free Fire.

Youtube channel: Total Gaming.

YouTube channel link: Click to see.

Subscribers: 34 Million.

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3. Round 2 Hell

round 2 hell

a community YouTube channel Round2hell is an Indian entertainment-based and run by three best friends and YouTube content creators Nazim Ahmed, Zayn Saifi, and Wasim Ahmad. Round2hell was founded in the year 2015. If we avoid their frequent use of abusive language, their comedy shows have a huge fanbase in India. This channel has lots of YouTube trending videos.

In the year 2022, they made one big mistake and got into trouble. One particular video that was uploaded in 2020 led to a big controversy. In this video Youtube channel, Round2Hell’s content creators are making fun of Hindu Goddess Radha. Because of this Moradabad police arrested them over allegations of ridiculing Hindu goddess Radha.

Youtube channel: Round2Hell.

YouTube channel link: Click to see.

Subscribers: 28 Million.

4. Bhuvan Bam (BB Ki Vines)


As a YouTube content creator, Bhuvan Bam is quite a popular YouTuber in India most time his videos are YouTube trending videos. His YouTube channel name is BB Ki Vines. Bhuvan Bam is popular for his humorous and double-entendre comedy videos. in Delhi, on January 21 1994 this famous YouTuber was born. Before starting a career as a YouTuber, in New Delhi, he worked as a singer in bars. Bhuvan Avnindra Shankar Bam is not only a YouTube content creator but also he is an Indian comedian, writer, singer, and songwriter. He is an amazing singer.

Youtube channel: BB Ki Vines.

YouTube channel link: Click to see.

Subscribers: 25.6 Million.

5. Sandeep Maheshwari

Sandeep Maheshwari

Sandeep Maheshwari is a so famous YouTube content creator in the educational field, he is also an entrepreneur, photographer, and well-known motivational speaker in YouTube India, He is famed among youngsters. Sandeep Maheshwari has a website, which is one of the world’s largest collections of Indian images named ImagesBazaar, it contains more than a million photographs and videos.

He has also achieved the Guinness World Record. He got this title for the most viewed self-education video on YouTube, His channel has around more than 37 million views, but still today he has not yet monetized his channel. Because he wants to help others only, he does not want to earn something from it. Still, his lots of videos are on YouTube trending videos.

Youtube channel: Sandeep Maheshwari.

YouTube channel link: Click Here.

Subscribers: 25.2 Million.

There are lots of types of content creators: YouTubers, Bloggers, online publishers, video game streamers, newsletter authors, podcasters, course creators, and social media influencers. All of these fields have their one powerful content creators, you just need to find and learn things from them. They give daily updates and make great content every day on their YouTube channels.

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