Are you looking for which channel is best for watching the latest tech videos? Then be calm. This is the right article for you. In this article, we will discuss the top 10 and best tech YouTube channels that help us improve our knowledge regarding new upcoming Technology. Not improve tech knowledge but also to enhance what’s going on around us in the technology field.

First, let’s discuss what Technology is And why we need to update about which Technology is happening around us.

What is Technology?

In simple words, Technology is the process of applying scientific knowledge and innovation to fulfil human goals or problems. YouTube is also one type of Technology developed by humans to fulfil human solutions. YouTube is a video-sharing platform where anyone makes a problem-solving video and uploads it to a platform so others can also see it and learn something on behalf of that video.

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YTTrendz is one of the leading video platforms where you can watch which tech trending video is currently going on matter where you live, you can watch it anywhere at any time, and also you will get the option to select which category trending video you wanted to watch. YT Trendz provides various categories like gaming, movies, sports, music, and technology trending videos. Millions of people watch and subscribe to daily YouTube channels about technology and tech gadgets.

Why YouTube Has the Highest RPM [Revenue Per View] in Tech Categories?

Because YouTube has so much tech-related content like new upcoming mobile or computer [gadgets] related content, recent gadget reviews, unboxing, news or new AI tools regarding videos, computer programming and coding, DIY and Maker Projects, Software and App Demos, Hardware Overviews, Cybersecurity, and Privacy related videos, all types of tech regarding new content or videos are available on YouTube. Therefore, YouTube has the highest RPM.

Now one question is coming to your mind if too much tech content is available on YouTube, how will I recognize and standardize collect to step by step this information? Here we will discuss the best Tech YouTube Channels, clarifying your doubts about where I see categories regarding tech videos and if you want to see Top 50 YouTube Tech Channels Sorted By Subscribers.

List of Top 10 Tech YouTube Channels

1. Marques Brownlee [MKBHD]

Channel Views:- 3.6B
Channel Subscriber:- 17.3M
Channel Videos:- 1.5K

MKBHD tech youtube channels

MKBHD is a very charming tech YouTube Channel. This channel is highly regarded for its discussions and reviews of smartphones, gadgets, and Technology. Marques is one of the most popular tech YouTubers in the world. MKBHD channel is focused on publishing detailed reviews and analyses of new smartphones, laptops, and tech gadgets and also delivers tech product comparisons. Therefore MKBHD channel is known for its high-quality value with clarity and precious explanation of tech gadgets. MKBHD channel joined YouTube on March 21, 2008.

Here you can watch the most popular video on Marques Brownlee’s channel.

2. Unbox Therapy

Channel Views:- 4.5B
Channel Subscriber:- 19.6M
Channel Videos:- 2.1K

Unbox Therapy

Unbox Therapy is the very coolest tech YouTube Channel. This channel is known for a wide range of tech videos. Lewis George Hilsenteger is the coolest tech YouTuber in the world. Unbox Therapy channel provides different variety of videos like unboxing and reviewing the newest smartphones, laptops, TV, headphones, and smartwatches and analyzing tech gadgets. This channel delivers unboxing all new tech gadget videos. That’s why the name is Unbox Therapy. Unbox Therapy channel joined YouTube on December 21, 2010.

Here you can watch the most popular video on Unbox Therapy channel.

3. Linus Tech Tips

Channel Views:- 7.2B
Channel Subscriber:- 15.6M
Channel Videos:- 6.5K

linus tech tips

Linus Tech Tips is a professionally curious tech YouTube channel. Linus Gabriel Sebastian is a Canadian Tech-YouTuber in the world. This channel is known for entertaining and educating audiences by providing tech reviews, tutorials, general tech news, and committed quality videos. Linus Tech Tips delivers various DIY PC building, computer-related videos, and additional electronic tech gadgets, unboxing and reviews. Linus Tech Tips channel joined YouTube on November 25, 2008.

Here you can watch the most popular video on the Linus Tech Tips channel.

4. Austin Evans

Channel Views:- 1.3B
Channel Subscriber:-5.39M
Channel Videos:- 1.9K

austin evan

Austin Evans’s channel is a popular gaming tech YouTube channel. Austin Evans is an American YouTuber and tech blogger in the world. This channel is known for delivering the best video related to gaming on pc and smartphones, not just providing videos and encapsulating detailed tech information regarding smartphones, laptops, and other tech gadgets. Whether you’re seeking information about the latest smartphone or curious about the potential of emerging tech, Austin’s channel is valuable for you. Austin Evans’s channel joined YouTube on August 5, 2007.

Here you can watch the most popular video on the Austin Evans channel.

5. iJustine

Channel Views:- 1.4B
Channel Subscriber:-7.06M
Channel Videos:- 2.3K

ijustine tech youtube channel

iJustine channel is a fascinating tech YouTube channel for tech lovers. Justine Ezarik is an American YouTuber known for iJustine. this channel provides the best tech content videos with entertainment, including lifestyle vlogs, tech reviews, unboxings, and analyses of the newest trends in consumer electronics. Beyond Technology, iJustine’s vlogs also offer viewers a glimpse into her day-to-day activities, excursions, travels, and personal interests. I Justine channel joined YouTube on May 7, 2006.

Here you can watch the most popular video on the iJustine channel.


Channel Views:- 1.6B
Channel Subscriber:- 3.65M
Channel Videos:- 21K

CNET tech youtube channel

CNET channel is a well-established and widely recognized USA-based, very famous tech YouTube channel. This channel has trustworthy resources for those trying to buy their education and tech-related products, and this channel is a one-stop destination for exploring and changing what’s new Technology available around us through providing detailed analysis of tech product reviews and ratings and offers of new emerging tech trends. CNET channel joined YouTube on May 6, 2006.

Here you can watch the most popular video on the CNET channel.

7. Jonathan Morrison

Channel Views:- 43M
Channel Subscriber:-2.56M
Channel Videos:- 1.2K

Jonathan Morrison

Jonathan Morrison’s channel is a top informative tech YouTube channel from the USA. Jonathan Morrison is known for telling informative stories in YouTube videos and providing a wide range of topics on his channels, including smartphones, laptops, and tech gadgets reviews, comparisons, and tutorials. And these channels stand out for their apps and games reviews and provide tips for buying advice for tech products. Jonathan Morrison’s channel joined YouTube on March 25, 2010.

Here you can watch the most popular video on the Jonathan Morrison channel.

8. The Verge Tech YouTube Channel

Channel Views:- 99M
Channel Subscriber:- 3.31M
Channel Videos:- 4.3K

the verge

The Verge channel is a top trusted tech YouTube channel. This channel is known for providing a wide spectrum of tech topics. The Verge channel delivers space travel-related videos, the latest technologies, and aero plane-related content information. This YouTube channel gives viewers a thorough look into the world of cutting-edge Technology with insightful reviews and information. The Verge channel joined YouTube on August 8, 2006.

Here you can watch the most popular video on The Verge channel.

9. Hardware Canucks

Channel Views:- 49M
Channel Subscriber:-1.82M
Channel Videos:- 2.1K

Hardware Canucks

Hardware Canucks is a prominent tech YouTube channel. This channel is known for specializing in computer hardware and gaming knowledge-related YouTube videos. Hardware Canucks focus entirely on Technology, like detailed analysis and reviews on the CPUs, storage, latest graphic cards, smartphones, and notebooks. This channel also provides tutorials like how-to’s and unboxing the best computer or pc gaming hardware. Hardware Canucks channel joined YouTube on June 7, 2008.

Here you can watch the most popular video on the Hardware Canucks channel.

10. Technical Guruji

Channel Views:- 3.4B
Channel Subscriber:- 23.1M
Channel Videos:- 5K

technical guruji

Technical Guruji is the most popular and famous tech YouTube channel in India. Gaurav Chaudhary is a known technical guruji in India. Technical Guruji channel provides technology videos like new mobile unboxing, new tech gadgets like new cameras, new TV videos, and new headphones. This tech channel is most popular in India because the channel focuses on daily uploading tech news in his channel so the audience will update every day about the tech field. Technical Guruji channel joined YouTube on October 19, 2015.

Here you can watch the most popular video on the Technical Guruji channel.


What is a tech channel on YouTube?

A tech channel on YouTube is a platform where YouTube tech creators create videos related to Technology like software and hardware, Gadgets reviews, explanations, tutorials, and comparisons of two gadgets. All new technology-related information is available on this tech channel.

Who is the best tech YouTuber?

It depends on their preferences; however, some YouTubers like Marques Brownlee and Austin Evans are best at providing quality and latest tech information.

What is the most viewed tech YouTube channel?

With over 7,246,003,177 views, Austin Evans is the world’s most-viewed tech YouTube channel.

Who is the Number 1 tech YouTube channel in India?

Technical Guruji is The one tech YouTube channel in India with 3,406,260,518 views, 23.1M subscribers, and 5k more videos.

How do I find which tech videos are trending now?

So YT Trendz is the best platform where you can watch YouTube Tech videos that are currently trending, and also you can find them based on country.