Technology plays a very important role in our daily lives. Technology is something that makes things way easier for us and we don’t have to struggle to get the resources that we need daily. Today’s topic is based on the top 50 tech channels available on YouTube from which you guys will get to know about the latest technology and various experiments done by following YouTubers with their outcomes. So without wasting more time let’s go further and know about the Top 50 Tech Channels Available on YouTube.

Top 50 Tech YouTube Channels Sorted by Subscribers


29.6 Million Subscribers.


Dilraj Singh Rawat the person who runs this channel named Mr. Indian hacker on YouTube is professionally an Indian educational YouTuber and generally uploads experimental videos on his channel. As mentioned above he is an educational YouTuber but he has not studied much because he believes in the fact that knowledge is gained from daily lives rather than schooling or education. He started his YouTube journey at an early age and now he has a large “TITANIUM FAMILY” on Youtube having 29.4 million subscribers. Let’s have a look at the most popular videos available on his channel.

  • Running Bike On Water: 70 Million Views.
  • Anar( Firework) On A Table Fan: 63 Million Views.
  • Ghost Challenge At Night: 48 Million Views.
  • Crazy Xyz Vs. Indian Hacker: 44 Million Views.
  • Underground Car After 3 Months: 39 Million Views.

So these are some popular videos available on his tech channel and if you’re not familiar with this YouTube channel you can visit the channel with the help of the link mentioned below.
Channel link:


25 Million Subscribers.

Crazy XYZ is a tech channel handled by an engineering student Amit Kumar Shah who uploads videos based on real-life experiments on his YouTube platform. He also runs a channel named “The Indian Unboxer” on which he uploads videos based on the unboxing of various gadgets and products. People really enjoy watching his experiments and he has a crazy fan base all across the country. People started knowing him after his video in which he burned 100 snake bombs together went viral. Apart from this, he has done some really interesting experiments with his team and some popular experiments are mentioned below.

  • 100 Snake Bombs: 63 Million Views
  • Monster Balloon Vs. Diesel Engine: 56 Million Views
  • Driving Our Car Underwater: 53 Million Views
  • Giant Tractor Wheel In Bike: 45 Million Views
  • Driving Our Bus Underwater: 39 Million Views

So these were some popular videos from his channel and to be part of his YouTube family you can click on the link given below.
Channel link:


23.2 Million Subscribers.

Mark Rober is one of the most popular tech channels available on YouTube. Mark Rober runs his channel on his own and he uploads really interesting videos which include tech videos, some life-saving hacks, some real-life experiments, pranks, scam calls, etc. He has a strong family of 23.2 million subscribers and people enjoy watching his videos. Some popular videos available on his channel are-

  • Skin A Watermelon Party Trick: 126 Million Views
  • World’s Largest Jello Pool: 123 Million Views
  • Backward Squirrel Maze 1.0: 107 Million Views
  • Liquid Sand Hot Tub: 106 Million Views
  • Testing If Shark Can Smell A Drop Of Blood: 101 Million Views

To watch more interesting videos like this you can go visit and subscribe to his channel with the help of the link given below.
Channel link:


22.7 Million Subscribers

Technical Guruji is one of those YouTubers who are famous all across the country. He became so popular that he was on the Forbes India 30 under 30 list.

He generally shoots tech videos in Hindi in which he gives knowledge about the latest technologies to his subscribers. He is the first technology YouTuber to cross 10 million subscribers and his channel is the ninth most subscribed tech channel all across the world. He also manages a channel named ‘Gaurav Chaudhry’ in which he shares stuff about his personal life. Some of his popular videos are

  • My Youtube Earnings Revealed: 18 Million Views
  • How To Track Stolen Phone: 14 Million Views
  • Blue Whale The Killer Game: 14 Million Views
  • Cleaning My Phones: 13 Million Views
  • Redmi Note 7 Unboxing And First Look: 11 Million Views

If you keep an interest in technology this channel is the right option for you.
Channel link:

5) TED

22.3 Million Subscribers

TED is a very popular YouTube channel in which T stands for technology, E stands for entertainment and D stands for design. This channel generally uploads videos related to technology, entertainment, and design which attracts the audience. You will also find videos in which some popular personalities share their life experiences, their journey, and the things which they have gone through while they were in their struggling years. These kinds of videos generally motivate people and also awaken new hope in people’s hearts. You will also find videos like the demo of a compact disc and a demo on how to map coastlines using the developing theory of fractal geometry etc. Now let’s have a quick look at the most popular videos available on this channel.

  • Tim Urban: Inside the mind of a master procrastinator: 50 Million views
  • Bill Gates: The Next Outbreak?: 36 Million views
  • How to speak that people want to listen: 35 Million views.
  • Tom Thum: The orchestra in my mouth: 33 Million
  • Looks aren’t everything: 28 Million views

Go have a look at this channel by clicking the link given below.
Channel link:


20 Million Subscribers

Haertetest is a German YouTube channel that uploads various tech videos. You might have come across some videos in which they squeeze and crush things by car? Haertetest is the channel where you will get such videos that are experimental and satisfactory at the same time. People find these kinda videos relaxing and satisfying and they enjoy watching such videos. If you have a look at this channel you will get to know that all the popular videos have the same title which is “ CRUSHING CRUNCHY AND SOFT THINGS BY CAR “ that is the reason why we are not mentioning the list of popular videos of this channel. But you can go visit the channel by clicking on the link given below.
Channel link:


18.2 Million Subscribers


Unbox therapy is a channel owned by two persons named Lewis Hilsenteger and Jack Millan from which Lewis faces the camera and Jack works behind the scenes. This channel basically shows the unboxing of various gadgets and has around 3 billion views on the channel. It is a Canadian channel and is known as the most popular tech channel in the world of technology and gadgets. Let me show you the most popular videos on this channel.

  • iPhone 6 Plus Bend Test: 73 Million Views
  • This Smartphone Changes Everything: 21 Million Views
  • This Cup Is Unspillable: 20 Million Views
  • The 4-dollar Android Smartphone: 20 Million Views
  • Unboxing The Mind-blowing Wallpaper: 19 Million Views

To be a part of the unboxing family’s YouTube family you can click the link below.
Channel link:


17.3 Million Subscribers

Manual Do Mundo is a tech channel handled by a journalist and his wife which uploads curiosity videos, scientific videos, experimental videos, some recipes, and some short documentaries all in the Brazilian language. They generally prefer posting short videos so that it does not consume more time. It is a very popular channel and they produce very good content. Let’s quickly see the popular uploads of this channel.

  • How Money Is Made In Brazil: 23 Million Views
  • O Segredo Para Congelar – 19 Million Views
  • Goma De Mascar: 14 Million Views
  • Da Marina: 12 Million Views

To watch more such videos you can visit the channel with the help of the link below.
Channel link:


16.8 Million Subscribers

We all are familiar with the company Apple, it is a company that manufactures gadgets like smartphones; laptops, etc. It is a very popular brand and people love using their products. Apple has a YouTube channel having 16.8 million subscribers and it produces videos that explain its latest products it also updates people on any new product launch with which they upload tutorials on how to use its products and it also produces tech videos. Some popular videos from the channel Apple are:

  • Introducing Apple Watch Series: 48 Million Views
  • A Guided Tour Of iPhone 14 And iPhone 14 Pro: 46 Million Views
  • The New Macbook Air: 41 Million Views
  • The Biggest News From Apple Event: 40 Million Views
  • Escape From The Office: 35 Million Views

If you are also interested in apple products and if you keep interested in the updates of new product launches then the link given below is the right option for you.
Channel link:


16.5 Million Subscribers

Marques Brownlee is an internet sensation who is generally popular for his tech videos. He is an American YouTuber also known as MKBHD and he generally uploads videos related to technology and people like watching his videos. He has 16.4 million fans on YouTube and his videos are highly techy and interesting. Let’s have a quick look at his most popular videos.

  • Retro Tech:- Game Boy: 39 Million Views
  • Samsung Galaxy Fold Unboxing Magnets: 23 Million Views
  • Oneplus Six Review; 21 Million Views
  • Apple iPhone X Unboxing: 18 Million Views
  • The Broken Galaxy Folds; 16 Million Views

Subscribe to his channel if you like watching videos related to technology.
Channel link:

List of other 40 Technologies Channels

which come under the top 50 tech channels sorted by subscribers:


RankSubcribersChannel Name
11th15MLinus Tech Tips
12th13.4MOnline Job
13th13.2MThe Q
14th12.9MHacksmith Industries
15th12.7MTrakin Tech
17th12.5MTechnology Gyan
18th12.5MB4 Facts
19th11.9MQuantum Tech HD
21st11.1MCoisa de Nerd
26th10.7MPrimitive Technology
28th9.9MTech Burner
29th9.6MPower Vision
30th9.5MLife Hacks & Experiments
31st9.4MFact Boy Kishan
32nd9.3MApple India
33rd8.22MEverythingApplePro E A P
34th7.7MGoogle India
36th7.0MWhat If
37th6.9MTest Ex
38th6.7MExperimentar En Casa
39th6.5MOPPO India
42nd6.0MMrwhosetheboss Shorts
45th6.1MAdam Savage’s Tested
46th5.9MExperiment King
47th5.6MHoga Toga
48th5.6MSpace Videos
50th5.6MOne Minute Gyan

So, here’s the list of the top 50 YouTubers’ tech channels and some basic information about the top 10 best tech channels all over the world. I hope you guys will like it. To watch the trending videos of countries like Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, Argentina, and many more you can visit our website YouTube Trends. Enjoy reading.